Summer Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

Summer in Central Florida should be a time of relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family.

These summertime electrical safety tips can help ensure everyone stays safe while having fun.

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Summer

Remember these 7 tips to keep your home and family safe from electrical hazards this summer.

1. Don’t mix electricity and water. Keep plugged-in devices at least 6 feet away from pools and hot tubs. This includes fans, speakers, lights, and electronics. Also, be sure you use GFCI outlets anywhere the outlet could be exposed to moisture, such as outside or in your bathroom.

2. Use outdoor-rated equipment outside. Any lightbulbs, ceiling fans, and extension cords you use outside should have an “outdoor” rating. Exposure to the elements can damage equipment not designed to withstand them, putting you and your loved ones at risk.

3. Ground all electrical connections to your pool or hot tub, including cleaning equipment. This gives electricity a safe path to follow in the event of a short circuit.

4. Don’t play around with thunderstorms. Do not swim during a thunderstorm. Also, take a few minutes before a storm to unplug your electronics to protect them from sudden electrical surges.

5. Avoid overloading outlets, indoors and out. Connecting too many appliances and electronics to one outlet can result in short circuits and other hazards. Similarly, connecting extension cords, sometimes called “daisy-chaining,” can cause overheating and other dangers.

6. Be aware of power lines. Do not climb trees or fly airborne toys near power lines. Also, do not go near a downed power line, even if you do not think it is live.

7. Get familiar with emergency equipment. Make sure you can get to your electrical panel quickly in case you need to shut off a circuit. Also, ensure you and other household members know the location of the fire extinguisher. (Remember, water and electricity are a dangerous mix, so water is often not the best way to put out a fire.)

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Did You Know?

The process of making Beaufort cheese creates biogas, which can generate electricity.

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