Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

An ounce of prevention is worth everything to keep your loved ones safe. Now is the time to ensure your home’s smoke alarms are up-to-date and placed correctly. The NFPA recommends replacing alarm units every 10 years. Call Taddeo Electric today if your home needs a smoke detector update.

How do you know if your smoke alarm system needs to be updated?

A working smoke detector allows you to act quickly in an emergency—whether to quickly evacuate your loved ones or simply rescue dinner from the oven.

The NFPA recommends testing your smoke alarms once a month. Do you know what to look for when you do this routine check-up?

Ensure your smoke detectors will work when you need them most with these five essential tips:

Our Smoke Alarm Installation Service

Keeping our West Central Florida neighbors safe is our #1 priority. If you need smoke detectors installed or replaced, give your trusted Taddeo electricians a call. We will ensure your system is up-to-date, just like if we were installing smoke alarms for our own families.

What to Know About Smoke Alarm Placement to Keep Your Home Safe

Most homes need multiple smoke detectors to ensure the alarm can be heard from all areas of the house in case of an emergency.

 The NFPA recommends placing smoke detectors…

The exact location of smoke detectors also determines how well they work. If your current smoke alarms do not meet the criteria below, contact us today to update your installation.

Smoke alarm installation best practices:

1. Smoke detectors mounted on the ceiling should be at least 4 inches from the wall.

2. Detectors on the wall should be at least 4 to 12 inches from the ceiling. 

  1. 3. Avoid placing detectors near drafty areas, such as a window or a vent.

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