Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Central Florida homeowners deal with the constant threat of lightning strikes, and it can be a struggle to get some insurance companies to cover this type of damage to your home. Install a whole house surge protector to keep your appliances and other devices safe.

Why is whole house surge protection important in Florida?

It may be no surprise to learn that Central Florida is the lightning capital of the country. While we are familiar with how to battle the winds and rains of Florida storms, sometimes we overlook the damage an electrical power surge can do.

Power surges (when too much electricity is pushed into your home’s electrical system) can be caused by a few things, including:

One split second of a power surge can do more than blow out your blender. Power surges have been known to damage TVs, computers, and even major appliances like your HVAC compressor. Plus, they can pose a safety risk to your home and family.

To avoid power surges during power restoration, check out our generator transfer switch installation service.

For protection from lightning-strike-induced surges, consider installing a surge protector in your home.

Our Whole House Surge Protector Installation Service

It is becoming increasingly common for new homes in Central Florida to be built with whole-home surge protectors already installed. If your home isn’t a new build, now would be a good time to consider making this addition.

This installation can save you from the future costs of replacing expensive electronics and appliances. Plus, the peace of mind it provides is priceless.

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